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(All topics are taught at High School level with some Math A (algebra, geometry))

Long Term Project Selection

  • Lab Safety

  • Current Course Syllabus

    1) Introduction to Earth's Changing Environment:

    • Observations

    • Density: Density=Mass/Volume

    • The Changing Environment

    • Human Interaction with the Environment

    2) Measuring the Earth

    • Size and Shape of the Earth: History, Estimations, and Measurements

    • Spheres of the Earth: Inner Core to the Exosphere

    • Locating Positions on Earth: The North Star, Earth's Rotation, Latitude and Longitude

    • Fields: Earth fields including Temperature, Pressure, and Magnetism

    • Mapping Earth's Surface

    3) Earth Materials-Minerals, Rocks, and Mineral Resources

    • Minerals: Identification, Formation, Properties,  and Chemistry

    • Rocks: Identification, Properties, Petrogenesis, and Chemistry

    • Mineral Resources and Uses: Mining, Ores, Industrial applications, and Gems

    4) Earth's Dynamic Crust

    • Dynamic and Static models of Earth's Interior and Exterior

    • Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountains, and Ocean Floor Topography

    • Plate Tectonic theory

    • Mapping Stratigraphic Rock Units

    5) Interpreting Earth's History

    • Time Scales

    • Evolution of Earth and Life

    • Relative and Absolute Dating Methods of Fossils and Rocks

    • Correlation of Rock Units

    • Creating a Timeline of Earth's History using Fossils and the Rock Record

    6) Landscape Development 

    • Landscape Regions

    • The Rock Cycle, The Carbon Dioxide Cycle

    • Mountain Building, Weathering, and Climate Change

    7) Earth in Space

    • Evolutionary Theories of the Universe and Solar System

    • Models of the Universe, Milky Way Galaxy, and the Solar System

    • Apparent motions and Earth's motions

    • Earth's Satellite

    • Electromagnetic Energy and Spectroscopy

    • Astronomy 101: Constellations, and the HR Diagram

    • Insolation and the Seasons

    8) Weather

    • Atmospheric Variables and Direct Measurements

    • Hadley Cells, Jet Stream, Prevailing Winds, and the Coriolis effect

    • Adiabatic Changes & the Orographic effect

    • Air Masses and Fronts

    • Severe Weather

    • Putting it all together: Short Term Weather Prediction

    9) Environmental Science

    • Water Pollution and budgets

    • Hydrology

    • Environmental Effects of Excess Consumerism and Taxing Earth Resources

    • Local pollution problems




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