What makes an idea taboo

Then the singer cocked an eyebrow at Joanna as if asking for permission for something and the older woman nodded yes.

With her face so close to Trish's the gorgeous singer who had a major hit about kissing a girl and liking it did just that. She pressed her lips softly against her friend's daughter's lips and started kissing her. She allowed her tongue to trace Trish's lips and slid it inside the young woman's mouth as the lips parted slightly. The kiss went on for at least three minutes before the singer broke it off and smiling into the young woman's eyes told her that was just a taste of things to come.

With that Trish sat and tried to focus on the chatter between her mother and Katy without giving into the overwhelming urge to just strip naked on the spot and having both women fuck her senseless. She had entered the sexual twilight zone tonight and she could almost hear the narrator telling the audience that they had entered another space and dimension from reality.

In listening she understood that her mother had been in charge of some large negotiation when Katy's perfume had been marketed a few years back. Evidently that was when they had met and her mother's 'skills' had cemented the negotiation in Katy's favor by a large margin.

Then the chat turned towards her new relationship with Trish and she actually got the nerve to join in. She told the singer about having fantasies about her mom for years but always being afraid to confront them for fear of being rejected and reviled.

With that Katy laughed softly, "I guess you know now that rejection is going to be the furthest thing from what your mom will give you."

Trish just smiled and nodded, by this time Jo was sitting next to her on the couch and she was leaning into her mother's embrace.

"I have one request before you both go, will you kiss each other in front of me please." Katy asked Joanna and Trish.

Both women smiled and Joanna took the lead in kissing her daughter. It was their hottest kiss yet maybe because of having a captive audience and who that was. In the middle of the kiss Joanna took Katy's hand and placed it on Trish's nipple making the girl gasp with pleasure. Katy then took Trish's hand after pulling down one of the cups of the bra she was wearing she placed the young woman's palm there.

Trish was starting to hyperventilate at the explosion of sensations inside her both physical and mental. Her tit was being fondled and played with by her biggest idol in the world while she was playing with the other woman's. Meanwhile her mother was kissing her so erotically she was feeling it in her toes then her mother put it over the top. She once again slid her hand over her daughter's pussy and pulled the panel of her panties to the side and firmly thrust two fingers deep inside her soaking pussy.

Trish immediately moaned and started yipping softly into her mother's mouth. That caused Jo to break the kiss because she wanted to see and hear her daughter's orgasm. It was an amazing sight for her and she had seen many a man and woman's faces when they orgasmed. Her daughter's gorgeous young face scrunched up slightly and she started panting like a little puppy complete with tongue hanging out of her mouth. Then the sounds came along with the thrusting of the hips against her hand.

"YIP....OOOO...YIP....YIP.....OOOO.....MOM....YIP OH PLEASE...DON'T STOP!!!" Trish was moaning and barking and calling her mother's name.

Then Joanna took Katy's other hand and led it to her daughter's pussy, taking two fingers in her hand she helped the pop star insert them into her moaning bucking daughter.

That was it for Trish, both her mother and idol were finger fucking her and she let out a last bark and scream.

"YIIIIPPP!!! GOD YES......OH GOD YES.......YIPPPPP...CUMMING....CUMMING!!!!!" she yelled and fell back on the couch.

As she recovered she smile broadly at her mother and at the woman she idolized for so many years.

"Miss Per...Katy.....can I tell you something?" she asked shyly.

"After that I think you can tell me anything, you looked so amazing as we made you cum!" Katy Perry told her friend's daughter.

"I kissed two girls and I liked it!" Trish said with a huge grin on her face.

The three of them laughed loudly at Trish's comment and they got arranged and said their goodbyes promising to have a lot more fun together in the future.

As they headed back out to the limo Trish couldn't speak, sensory overload was leaving her speechless. She wondered if Katie would even believe half of what had happened so far tonight. My god she said to herself, I just made out with Katy Perry, played with her naked tit and her fingers were in my pussy. All of this while I made out with my own mother and she had her fingers in me too!

"Well darling are you ready to finish our dinner?" Joanna asked as casually as if nothing had just happened in Katy Perry's dressing room.

"Mom will you please pinch me because there is no way on earth all of this could be real. I feel as if someone got inside my head and put me to sleep making me think about the most perfect day imaginable." Trish said with a huge smile.

As she was listening to her daughter she could hear the excitement in her voice and she could smell the arousal in between her legs too. She had a wicked thought at her daughter's request thinking it was never too soon to test someone's boundaries.

"Remember you asked!" Joanna said softly as they both sat down. Then she reached over and took one of Trish's erect nipples and through her dress she tweaked it ...hard.

"Oh fuuuccckkkk!!" Trish screamed but Joanna didn't let go. She could see the flush on her daughter's face and was betting it was a sign of her arousal.

Then she tweaked it again and twisted it at the same time, when she did Trish moaned this time and slumped backwards in the limo seat. She was breathing rapidly and panting with her mouth open, she had never felt anything like this in her life. It hurt like a bitch but at the same time her pussy was responding to the brutality of the act in a way she couldn't explain.

Seeing that Trish was laying back and not begging her to stop Joanna took the next step and gripped the other nipple. She whispered to Trish,"You know what I'm going to do next, this is one of the rare times I will let you stop me without a safe word. If you want me to stop say it now!"

Trish just stared at her mother filled with conflicting feelings about what her body was experiencing. She had never before found pain to be pleasurable but in her mother's hands it seems she was willing to test the waters of things she had never even imagined. She had seen her share of BDSM porn on the internet and always found it intriguing but could never understand how some people could enjoy that.

Well she had just found out on the most basic of levels at her mother's touch. So as she stared at her mother, the lust obvious in both their eyes she softly told her, "Don't stop mommy!"

Joanna smiled wickedly and took the other nipple firmly between her fingers and pinched it as hard as she could and then twisted it violently all while doing the same to the other nipple.

The effect was Trish uncontrollably shaking her torso to try and alleviate the pain. However her discomfort was betrayed by her own hands as they moved down to her own pussy to stroke it through the dress and panties.

She barked and yipped as her mother abused and tortured her nipples wantonly. In Joanna's head a door had been opened now and she had been given explicit permission that access was freely given. She knew that her darkest fantasies would possibly be explored with her daughter now. She would one day make her a candidate for training at the Upper Floor, the most exclusive club of its kind on the entire east coast. She would be in charge of the training but at the end of it her daughter would be permanently committed to her until Joanna decided to relinquish the bond. Looking down at her gorgeous future lover she knew that day would never come, she would never give up ownership of her lover that was also her flesh and blood.

Then just as suddenly as she started punishing Trish's tits she stopped actually spurring a disappointed moan to escape the younger woman's lips.

Then to demonstrate the reward process to her she pulled her daughter close and caressed her lightly letting her know both verbally and physically how much she loved her. She told her that she was a very good puppy and would be rewarded greatly later on. She also told her that as her mother she was so proud of her for being courageous enough to take this next step in their lives. She reinforced both her blossoming sexual relationship and her lifelong maternal relationship with her at the same time.

"Mom, I don't understand why I responded that way, it hurt like hell but it was such a turn on being in your control like that. I never thought I would ever find what you just did sexy but god, it was so hot!" she said meekly.

"Honey I have hunches about who you are sexually and I'll be honest with you I intend to push limits with you. I intend to push you and help you become as comfortable with who you are sexually as you are with say, your academic work. In school you are confident and cool about who you are and I want you to be the same way with sex. So many women live their lives in a kind of quiet desperation never having the nerve to let themselves get in touch with the inner needs of their bodies. I did that for so many years and I never will lose touch with that again, I just want the same for you do you understand?"

"Yes mom I understand but how will you know if you push too far and I really want you to stop. I mean if it makes me uncomfortable too much or......hurts too much?" Trish asked quietly.

"We will have a word like other couples do; it's called a safe word because if you say it everything stops. It's designed to give you a sense of security when you give control of yourself over to someone else. It's also a sacred thing and it will never be ignored if you use it. I just ask that you don't use it lightly because I don't want you to cheat yourself out of something exciting out of fear. I promise that I will be there to lead and guide you every step of the way, we will be a couple honey but you will be my pet!" Joanna told her.

"Hmmmm my mommy's pet, that sounds so dirty, hot and wicked. It makes me wetter than I already am thinking about being your pet. Will you give me a special name too mom, like my pet name?" Trish asked excitedly.

"Oh yes honey I most definitely will and there is one surprise associated with being my pet that you find out about later. Please don't bother begging and asking because I won't tell you and I just might have to punish you for misbehaving." Joanna said with a laugh.

Trish put on a slight petulant pout but Joanna could easily see it was nothing more than a playful ploy to pull at her heart strings. She laughed and hugged Trish tightly knowing that everything was going exactly as she hoped tonight including her daughter level of subservience that she had been told to expect.

As they drove back to the restaurant Joanna sent a text to her close personal friend Bill Armstrong the current Chef De Cuisine at Per Se letting him know of their imminent arrival. She also requested that he come out and meet her 'date' for the evening knowing that Bill had a serious taste for younger women. Joanna had been an exception in his eyes when that hooked up but her told her that something about her was simply irresistible.

As they were once again seated in the restaurant both women took a moment to enjoy the view. Since the restaurant was in the Time Warner building on Columbus Circle and %9th street they had a spectacular view of the outside and Central Park. Given that it was night time the park really wasn't visible but Joanna told Trish that she would get to see it by day soon enough. She told her that their eating here wasn't a one off thing and that she wouldn't be surprised if she didn't develop her own close relationship with Bill.

"Mom do you mean...do you even think he would be interested in....." Trish asked excitedly. She was flattered beyond belief over everything her mother had done for her but the idea that a Chef at the top of his game would be interested in her appealed to her on so many layers.

"Darling don't for one second ever doubt how beautiful you are and yes I know for a fact he would be interested in you. Just keep in mind there is no you and him unless I am involved. There is no you and anyone else unless I am involved. It might mean I just give you permission and won't be there but I meant what I said earlier, if you see this night through all the way you are giving me control over that part of your life," Joanna reinforced what she had told her earlier.

Trish shivered in excitement; she loved the idea that her mom would be in control of her sex life. Essentially her pussy was being handed to her mother later tonight with the express permission to use it any way she sees fit. For some reason which Trish herself didn't understand the idea of giving u p control over that part of her life excited her beyond belief. She wondered if it was the idea that she could always fall back on the idea that she was told what to do and it would release her of any guilt if she did something really dirty.

"You know darling correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you get excited when I tell you that I will control you?"

"Oh yes mom, I don't know why but it just makes me all tingly everywhere if you know what I mean" Trish said nervously.

"I understand it completely baby and we'll discuss it more later on. Just know that I would never put you in a situation that I haven't experienced already. I will always be your mom first and will always be responsible for your safety okay?"

"I've trusted you my whole life mommy, I'm not going to stop now!"

The two women hugged tightly just as the first of the four remaining courses arrived. Then it became a blur once again to Trish, there was Dover Sole, Long Island Duck, Filet Mignon and Lobster. All of the courses were once again accompanied by ingredients from around the world that Trish learned were flown in just for use at Per Se. No other restaurant in the city could claim to be using things like Koshihikare Rice, Goose Eggs from the most exclusive supplier of Foie Gras in France, or Authentic Vadouvan Curry from a small boutique spice house in Mumbai.

Trish kept riding the crest of a wave that never seemed to stop as she indulged her sense of taste in the most decadent way she had ever experienced before.

The conversation as they ate was limited because Joanna was sitting back and watching her daughter enjoy her virginal experience with world class dining. It then occurred to her how natural it was for her daughter and Katie to enjoy food as much as they did.

"Honey, I think I know where you and Katie's love of trying new food comes from," Jo said suggestively.

Trish was in the middle of her butter poached lobster and looked at her mother with a questioning look.

"Well it seems that the two of you are more in touch with the sensual side of yourselves than most people. It's just natural that you would gravitate towards the exciting and new items to eat, after all eating is a sensual experience in itself."

"Mom, if Katie were here the restaurant would think the two of us were having nonstop orgasms all night with how good this dinner is. You are so right and I have to be honest with you but I am so sensually wound up right now that if you wanted me on this table right now in front of all these people I would give myself to you."

Joanna just smiled at her and without trying to sound arrogant told her, "I know you would and we just may do that one day at this very table but not tonight."

Then as the final course got cleared and after dinner cordial and coffee were offered as desserts were being prepared a very distinguished looking man in Chef's whites came over to the table.

"Joanna my dear, I hope everything was up to par this evening," Bill Armstrong asked as Joanna got up to embrace him.

Trish was immediately taken with this man; he could pass for George Clooney in a second and had the hottest salt and pepper highlights in his hair. Just the fact that his brain and hands were responsible for the greatest meal she might ever have eaten had her soaking wet. She almost wished that her mother would take up the suggestion of doing her on the table so she could be shared by the two of them.

"Bill, you know of course it was. Everything is absolutely spectacular and thank you once again for indulging my disappearing act after the appetizers. Doing that makes enjoying the whole evening so much easier especially since I'm out on a first date tonight with this gorgeous young woman."

Trish sat there waiting patiently to be introduced to Bill and giggled when her mother mentioned it was a first date. She wondered if she would reveal their true relationship to him like she had to everyone else.

Bill looked down and found his own breath taken away, here was his perfect woman. She was obviously in her early twenties but she had the other physical attribute that always took his breath away, flaming red hair.

"Oh my god Jo, your palette in beauty even surpasses mine in the kitchen, are you going to do me the honors? Wherever did you find such an exquisite young woman?" he said as he reached for Trish's hand.

"Well first off Bill put your tongue back in your mouth, you won't be needing that. At least not tonight you won't. Where did I find her, well I didn't find her I made her. Bill Armstrong I would like you to meet my very own daughter Patricia Edwards," she said teasingly waiting for the implication to sink into her longtime lover's head.

"I am so charmed to....wait a second ...didn't you say that you were out on a first date with this gorgeous creature?" he asked not believing his eyes nor his ears. Could Joanna actually be telling him that she and her very own daughter were dating?

"Yes Bill I did, now you definitely need to put that tongue back in your mouth. Be a dear and finish introducing yourself to my date."

"I am so speechless Patricia Edwards, I mean your mother is a world class beauty but you are her equal in every way. I am so honored and pleased to meet you not to mention totally intrigued at the situation here!"

"Thank you so much Mr. Armstrong....."

"No sweetie please call me Bill!" he interrupted gently.

"Okay well Bill it's totally my honor to meet you. This dinner was the most amazing thing I have ever had in mouth in my whole life. I will never ever forget this meal and it's so nice to meet the architect of the whole experience," Trish said trying to sound as mature and confident as she could.

Joanna was giggling lightly as her daughter spoke and Trish asked her what was so funny.

"Well honey no knock on Bill's amazing gifts and talents but you said that his dinner was the most amazing thing you have ever had in your mouth." Joanna giggled again.

"Well it's true, Bill I meant it every word!" Trish said sincerely.

"Well honey I would hold off on that comment till a little later when you will have me in your mouth!" Joanna said wickedly.

Trish turned bright red and sputtered, she was lost and slightly shocked with how comfortably her mother was presenting their night ahead to someone she had just met. She knew she should get used to it because it was only the briefest taste of everything in her future.

"Moooooomm!" she said sounding like an embarrassed teen ager whose mother had just revealed some secret they shared.

"Oh relax honey; me and Bill have indulged in more than just a little oral ourselves. I knew he would love meeting you because he has a taste for young women and we have shared a few between ourselves more than once haven't we Bill?" Jo teased mercilessly.