Why are some gamers angry with Blizzard

Are the members of the community who think gate keeping is the only option to play the game and the private server crowd.

Mad about having an active sub to play in the beta? A measly one month of game time to play in a beta people have been waiting how long for? Let me guess…simply because the game comes with the active sub, you think the beta should be free? Why would Blizzard let people who don’t even pay them into the beta?

You aren’t a paying customer, it’s bad business and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised by how many people think the game should be free.

They never once committed to sharding in starter zones, not once. They said it is an option. To be quite fair, this laying system is the greatest compromise possible for a smooth launch and transition into a stable server.

They already committed to no cash shop outside of server transfer. No, there is no tokens so stop this lunacy. They even removed all of those functions and displays from the classic client.

You people need to relax. Majority of people this game is targeted to is adults well into their 20’s and further. Acting like children because you wanna be a doomsayer.

We need to change these forums to paying customers only soon. We got a release date, a beta invite date, and many more things. It’s time only the paying customer gets a voice instead of these private server fear mongers.